Privacy Policy

We, Xoop Ltd, Switzerland, operator of the Facebook Instant Game (FIG) Ask Jimmy and the webapp Ask Jimmy (together “Ask Jimmy”), go to great lengths to protect your data, to make Ask Jimmy as easy to use as possible, free of charge, to you, the user. This policy details what this means for your privacy and what choices you have. We may update or change the policy from time to time.

Your consent

  1. By giving Ask Jimmy access to some of your data on Facebook, you consent that the we processes that data, as well as data obtained from you by your interaction with Ask Jimmy, for the purpose of providing you with:
    • the then requested service or subsequent services you may request,
    • content recommendations that may be of interest to you, and
    • ads that may match your interests, shown on Ask Jimmy or on other properties of us.
    You also consent that, in the case of a corporate restructuring or MA transaction, a successor operator, if it adheres to this privacy policy, continues to be allowed to process the mentioned data.
    Advertising customers of us who seek to target audiences based on data available to us may only do so on aggregate audience data, which does not let advertisers infer data of individual users. Those advertisers may not copy the audience data to their own system. We do not sell audience data on data exchanges or the like.
  2. By opening the Facebook share dialog, you thereby consent that Facebook is notified about the existence of content that you may want to share. This content is likely to contain some personal information about you. Facebook will retrieve and store some of that information, but not share it with other users without your explicit permission. Once you have shared the information with the Facebook users of your choosing, they in turn may share it again, on or off Facebook.
  3. By visiting Ask Jimmy while being logged into Facebook, we infer your consent with the Data Policy of Facebook. This means you allow us to send usage data to Facebook that Facebook can attribute to you. This data will be analysed for advertising purposes and lets Facebook and their partners better understand their users, which helps them with improving their services to you. For up to date information, see here.

Good to know

  1. We only hold pseudonymised data and possibly your first name in our structured databases. Images in the cloud and data in your browser (e.g. caches, local storage) may contain personal data such as your FB profile image and your first name.
  2. We make use of cloud computing and storage in the U.S. (data processors), which provide adequate data protection under the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield program. Namely these are Amazon Web Services, Inc., Washington, and Heroku, Inc, California.
  3. Facebook means Facebook, Inc, California, if you are located in the U.S. or Canada, or Facebook Ireland Ltd, Ireland otherwise. These exchange data.
  4. We, our data processors or Facebook might respond to lawful requests by authorities in the U.S. or elsewhere. Statistics are available.
  5. Ask Jimmy stores cookies in your browser.
    • The webapp’s session cookie (fbsr*) may hold your app-specific User ID, together with an access token, which allows the app to exchange data with Facebook on your behalf, as authorised by you. Without such a cookie you would be anonymous to the app, and the app would not work properly.
    • For security purposes, the content delivery network uses a cookie named “__cfduid”, which is strictly necessary. Explanations can be found here.
    • In order to continuously improve the services to you, we analyse usage data with Google Analytics (GA). The respective cookies are: _ga, _gid, _gat. The User-ID feature of GA is turned on, data is further pseudonymised. You may opt out of GA, see below.
  6. If you click a Like button, Facebook may notify your friends.

Your control

  1. You may revoke the permissions granted at any time by changing the Instant Game settings, respectively app settings on Facebook. Click on the Ask Jimmy logo and review your settings, then click ‘Save’.
  2. You can ask us to delete all personal information it may have about you. Please use the contact link in the bottom of this page and state your Ask Jimmy User ID, which you can find in the app settings (see previous section).
  3. Facebook lets you delete or hide any content you may have shared on your Timeline. Use the drop down on the top right of a post.
  4. You can opt out from Facebook’s interest-based ads here. If you’re not a registered Facebook user, you may opt out here.
  5. You can opt out of Google Analytics here. For more information, see here.

Last updated: 2019/02/05